This is what conversations have been like in my house recently.

Chance: "Hey MOM!"  Super loud, in my ear.

Me: "Ow. Stop yelling! What?"

Chance: "Mutter mutter mumble mutter."

Me: "What??"

Or the other version…

Chance: "Moooooooom!  Whine whine whine whimper whine."

I swear to God I cannot understand a thing he's saying lately.  It's indecipherable because of the muttering or whining. Sometimes I catch the odd phrase of, "Pokemon! Ninjago! Star Wars!" but that's pretty much it.  God forbid he gets bit by a snake or other emergency because I imagine the conversation would go something like this…

Chance: "Mooooom!!! Whine WHINE WHINE!!"

Me: "What?! What is it?"

Chance: "Mutter mumble MUTTER mutter! Whine."

Me: "What?"

Chance: "MOM! Mutter! Whimper! Mutter!"

Me: "Can you say that in a regular voice so I can understand you?"

Chance: "WHINE!"

Me: "Did something happen?"

Chance: "Mumblewhine!"

Me: "Did Timmie fall down a well?"

Chance: "WAIL!"

Me: "How many words?  How many syllables?"


Me: "Um… How about a popsicle?"

Chance: big shaky breath, "Whimper OK."

Me: "Here you go.  Wait, is that a bite mark?"

And I just know the emergency room would give me grief about that.