I don't know what happened last week but it is gone, baby. Gone. An entire week… missing.  And I can think of only a couple of significant things that I'm going to remember.

Oh well. That's why I write shit down on a calendar.

(An old-fashioned calendar. Made with PAPER! gasp)

(Obviously, my caffeine is kicking in.)

So as I implied earlier my dear husband Keen has been a busy boy lately.  He had a doctor's visit this year that was a little scary and a wake up call for him.  But you know how guys totally slack about going for a checkup in the first place and then after they go they're all dedicated?  Keen's right there.  He's made some serious lifestyle changes to be more healthy.  And they've paid off because starting from the Monday after Thanksgiving to today… he's lost 37 pounds!

I am really, really proud of him.

Keen's a big guy and always has been; the type of guy who has a barrel chest and a square build.  When we first met Keen was doing a lot of sports and had a physically active job in a grocery store (he taught me how to mop).  We dated all through college and then we both graduated and Keen went on to become a CPA.  So he went from an active lifestyle to a busy desk job.  Over the years that starts to have an effect. 

So how has he done it?  First and foremost, he changed his diet.  He added in a lot of high fiber, and way more vegetables.  He's cut out salt, reduced and changed the types of carbs he eats, and reduced his red meat, while eating a lot more lean meats like turkey.  He's kept his calorie intake to 1200 a day.  It helps that he loves to cook so he's experimented with keeping flavor in while staying healthy.  Just last night he made a dish with lean pork, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and couscous that was delish!  

And he's been exercising every day. He started with walking a couple miles around the neighborhood, then 3-4.  Then working out on an elliptical trainer. Now he's up to an hour on the elliptical at a time.

For his next step, Keen's shooting for more weight loss but he also wants to start building and toning up muscles, so I think some of that will even out.  It becomes reshaping the body instead of just dropping weight.

He says he feels better than he has in years.  We're celebrating our 20th anniversary this week and in that time he's been bigger and he's been smaller.  He was probably at his heaviest when we got married.  I'm going to love him no matter what size or shape he's in.  But I have to say, seeing him happy, seeing him take charge of his health so that he's here for our family in the long run… it's super sexy.  

                 – the weirdgirl