I hear it’s National Delurker Week!  (Though I don’t know how they get the "national" part.  The Internet is world-wide and all.  Maybe they wanted to sound official?  Patriotic?  Blogtriotic?  Blogational?  Hey, just because a comma error on a crappy tee bugs me doesn’t mean I’m above making up my own words.  Someone can fine me later.)  If there are any of you out there whom I’ve never officially met, stop by the comments and say hello!  I’d love to hear from you.

And just so you know it goes both ways, here’s a few new bloggers I’ve been visiting, too: Me, Molly and the Moon, Flailing My Arms, Refuse to Blog, Woman on the Verge, Charlie Blockhead, plus a whole slew of folks in the newest list on the right, The Ones Who Are Caught.   (The rest of my lists are woefully behind in updates.  I’ll get to those… really!)

So again, say hello, ask questions, insult my taste in fashion… it’s your day!
             – the weirdgirl