Dear Donald,

This is a difficult letter for me to write but I feel I must
as too many other Donald_duck
friends and family have also expressed concern. You know I care for you but you just don’t
seem happy. I feel it’s time you stop
living the lie. Your marriage to Daisy
seems one entirely of convenience and deep down I think you’re both
miserable. You’ve been very angry and
constantly leave her company in order to spend time with Goofy; Mickey and
Minnie have spent too many nights sitting up with her waiting for you to get
home. I know Daisy can be a bit critical
at times, but please know that she loves you, as we all do, and only want
what’s best for you.  

This is hard to say so I’m just going to be blunt… I think you’re feeling some gender
confusion. And that’s OK! Myself, your
friends and family, want to support you regardless of where the road to
self-discovery leads you.  However, if
you have not already done so, I strongly recommend counseling. You need to work through the anger and
identity issues so that you can be comfortable with you.

You must have heard the speculation (and sometimes snide
comments) that you’re gay, but as you and I both know, for all his
kind-heartedness, Goofy is no one’s first choice for a life-partner. I imagine spending time with a simple-minded
soul like the Goof must ease a lot of the daily stress you must be

On a related subject I’ve also noticed that your voice has
changed in the past year – it seems a little higher, more melodious than it was
before. You also seem to be experiencing
more mood swings usual, and your weight has changed. If you have started any type of medical treatment or process we want to support that,
too. I cannot stress this enough.  We love you.

Please talk to us. You don’t have to be in this alone. 

Your loving friend,