After my morning shower I have a ritual where I sit on the toilet and do, you know, whatever needs to be done.  It’s usually a peaceful moment… the baby’s asleep, I’m clean, I can sit and space out for a few minutes.  But THIS morning I’m sitting on the pot trying to enjoy my quiet time when I see them.  Right there on the bathroom rug… an earwig AND a spider!  Multiple bugs on my bathroom rug during my quiet time.  What’s up with that?  I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL’S UP WITH THAT?  It’s not like I’m super freaked out about bugs or anything, and I know to expect a few in the house, but what is drawing them here?  I DO CLEAN!!  I’m not living in a cesspool or anything. It’s not like there are various food remnants scattered around the house.  Not only do I clean but I also have a cleaning service that comes in every few weeks.  And this cleaning service, they use cleansers with names like BAM, and Ker-poww, and Krash… you know, names that sound like the fight scene of a comic book so I KNOW they’re full of chemical goodness that is really doing the deep down clean.

Besides the freak-out factor, it’s a bit embarrassing. What if other people come over, see the bugs, and just assume that we’re slobs?  Argh!

I can look the other way if there is a spider on the wall.  Even when there’s one on the ceiling I can relatively ignore it.  I mean, spiders eat the other bugs, cycle of life and all that.  I don’t even kill bugs I do find in the house (it’s just bad karma), I just take them outside.  But when you get more than one in a certain space you can’t really ignore them anymore.  WHY ARE THEY COMING IN THE HOUSE?  ARE they looking for food?  Water?  Shelter?  WHAT DO THEY WANT?!  There’s something about this time of year that makes the bugs try to migrant into the house en masse.  All I know is that they are disturbing my tenuous and fleeting moments of peace, damnit.

I don’t even know what earwigs eat.  I hope it’s not ear particles or anything.  (eww, EWW!)  I couldn’t sic the spider of him because the earwig was bigger than the spider.   

Right now there are these huge garden spiders everywhere outside.  I assume it’s because it’s fall and this is the last chance for spiders to eat before they lay their eggs and kick it… or hibernate… or something.  I’m not really familiar with the intimate details of spider life.  It’s kind of neat because they have these four and five foot webs that you can watch them spin.  If you don’t walk into the webs accidentally.

However, I can only assume that the smaller bugs are coming inside to escape the ginormous spiders.  I tell you this, little bug, I’m sorry for your plight, but you will find no sanctuary here!                   – the weirdgirl