My goddamn, brand new, frickin computer that I’ve only had up for TWO WEEKS keeps crashing and giving me errors!!  I am not happy.

Of course, the help techinician on the first of what I know will be many phone calls, said, "I can transfer you to so-and-so but please know this is a fee service."

I said, "Oh no. No, it isn’t. You may have a fee, but I’m not paying a fee."

I’ve had this computer a month.  Give me a fucking break.  You can return underwear within a month of purchase.  Used underwear even, if you take it back to Nordstroms.  (They take anything back.)  (No, I haven’t done that.)

I am now working on my old laptop again (sweet reliable girl).  I’m kind of glad I didn’t give it to my brother, even though he was strongly hinting (sorry, kiddo). 

Drama to continue.

(I am going to be SO FUCKING PISSED if I have to do a wipe and reinstall and migrate everything over again!! … ARGH!!)