About a week (or two) ago iVegas Dad gave me this award!  (Isn't he sweet?)  The award doesn't seem to have a name but it is supposed to honor bloggers who transmit cultural, literal, ethical, and personal values every day in their blog.  I think I'm pretty good about transmitting my ethical and personal values (I am pretty opinionated after all) buuuuuut… cultural values?  I suppose if you consider Bigfoot, zombies, and mutant platypi culture then… woo hoo!  I'm the sophisticated, refined girl for you!


Now the rule is to award 15 other bloggers with the same
award. (I think the best thing about this award is that it's forcing me to visit people that I've been thinking about but haven't had the time to visit lately. Bad blogger!)


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Woman on the Verge

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You know… I just have to interrupt here for a moment… this is kind of a hard list because I don't know any bloggers who DON'T transmit their personal values every day.  Maybe those are just the type of blogs I like to read.  So, if you're not on this list, please don't be offended… I'll get to you at some point.  And if you ARE on this list and you've already gotten this award and you're totally sick of it… tough titties.  (Popular people are so high maintenance!)


Charlie Blockhead


A Family Runs Through It

Child's Play x2

Adventure Dad

Pretty much any blog that Liz Henry writes.

Hey, speaking of culturally chic!  It seems I've been walking around all day with a hole in my pants! Yep, went to work and had a parent-teacher conference and everything.  The hole was way down underneath, right in the crack, so hopefully my big butt cheeks covered it up. 

I really don't want to think about it if they didn't.

CLASSY!!                – wg