I know I’ve been a little light on the writing lately, but I’m building up.  (That and I only seem to get free time at night and I’ve been getting these headaches lately.  I really don’t know what to make of them.  I’m used to getting headaches but I’ve always been able to either take aspirin or ignore them.  Not these ones though.  They’re the kind that have pinpoints of pain right behind your eyes.  Oy.  And I’m NOT going to read on the Internet about them, because EVERYTHING medical on the Internet says cancer.  Headaches – must be cancer.  Stomach ache, heat rash, sore throat – cancer.  Foot calluses – get checked for cancer.  I kid you not, I looked up callus remedies and the Internet said to check for cancer.  Jeez.  And here I was thinking I just needed to wear different socks.) 

OK, that was beside the point.  Anyway, I’m working on a few posts, I’m cramming through some work projects, I’m avoiding cancer topics on the web.  All the usual stuff.  I’ve actually felt very productive this week, even though I’m still behind.  I’m always behind nowadays.  I’ve gotten very zen about it.  (Well, you know except for repressing stress until it comes out psychosomatically as headaches.)

Anyway (focus WG, focus), we’re very quickly coming up on the one year mark of surviving parenthood.  I can’t believe how far we’ve all come, but most of all is this amazing transformation.

Chance, the first day.       Dsc00185



Chance, today.  Crazy, isn’t it?       

     – the weirdgirl