Ha ha! I’m back in front of the computer!  (Oh, I missed you Internet connection.)  My back is on the mend and I can sit for longish periods once again.  That’s the real kicker, never knowing what’s going to happen if my back acts up… sometimes I can only sit and rest, other times I have to keep moving.  This was one of those keep moving times.  Sitting for longer than 20 minutes in front of the computer was killing me.  On the upside I DID get all my wrapping, baking, visitation scheduling, putting the photos into frames, addressing the envelopes and other miscellaneous holiday stuff DONE!  Ha HA!!  Work projects, on the other hand, have been sadly neglected.

Hmmm. I get PAID for those, don’t I?  Damn, I guess sitting on my butt reading books will have to wait.  So much for the holiday dream. 

Here’s a secret… in my long history of manifold careers* (yes, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I get bored, OK?  And then I need to move on,) one year I just happened to quit one right at the beginning of December.  I also decided that I wouldn’t look for another job until after New Years because, you know, who’s really hiring?  I had the whole holiday month off!  It was a beautiful thing.  And since that one time when I non-intentionally took off the holiday season, after experiencing the joy of a December off… if I had a job that I hated and I knew eventually I would quit I would try to stretch out the time so I could quit right before the holidays.  I managed to quit two or three jobs in a row just as I was ramping up for Christmas.  See?  That’s strategic planning.

Ah, well, not happening this year.  Work is a-piling so I gotta get crackin’.  It’s so lonely when you have to crack your own whip.  You can’t even get a good sexual innuendo out of it.           – the weirdgirl

*Just so you know… those many jobs?  None of them counted; they weren’t real careers.  Just those crappy jobs you take during and shortly after college to pay the bills.  And some of them just sucked.  Such as the one where the glass ceiling was about knee-high and there was no HR person to complain to about the sexual harassment.  And any place I had to manage the phones automatically doesn’t count.  Oh, and some of them went out of business, so those don’t count either.  Frankly, the only ones I count as “real” are the ones where I actually learned something.  Well, learned something besides quitting gracefully right before the holiday season, that is.  Bwa ha ha!