I have been extra lazy of late.  Well, punctuated with busyness which I think
leads to the lazy.  Wednesday had a crazy schedule!  Thursday, lazy.  Friday should have been half crazy, half lazy
(cra-lazy) but then we had a surprise craziness in the later half (suprazy).  Yesterday was forecasted lazy but ended up with
unexpected my-butt-hurts crazy (and no it wasn’t from sex) but more on that in
a minute.  Case in point of the crazy
busyness… I started writing this post a few days ago. (Blogher Ads is probably so hating me right now.)  During the lazy bits I’ve just been, well,

Today is just social crazy, which is cool because at least
you get to eat a lot.  So since my mind
is a little fried (and my butt hurts) how about some weekly news highlights?

Highlight of the week – no lice in
!  Woo hoo!

On Friday I rescued a baby crow.  (That was the suprazy.)  Though “rescued” is a relative term since it
really was just hanging out minding its own business before I swooped in like a
demented wildlife Florence Nightingale.  It
had been hanging out in front of our house for a couple of hours without any
other crows in sight.  Apparently, crow
parents are really attentive and
would probably come back for it eventually… if
they knew were it was.  Sometimes the
nestlings can get lost if they’re just learning to fly.  (I learned all this on the phone with the
wildlife society people, btw.  I am not a
crow expert.)  I was worried the cats in
the neighborhood would get it first and it was getting cold out.  So I scooped him (her?) up and took it to the
wildlife center.  It was all sort of
funny because I have one of those weird karmas where I tend to find hurt or
lost animals – and I don’t mean I go looking for them… they’re always right outside my house or workplace –
and I was just thinking it had been a
long time since I’d had to save anything. 
So there you go.  Be careful what
you wish think about.

I put together some Earthboxes
on Saturday.  Have you heard of these
things?  They’re supposed to increase
your vegetable yield and make gardening “easy”. 
What a pain in the ass to put together! 
Literally.  This is why my butt
hurts.  I spent, like, two hours bent
over (straight legs, bent at the waist) prepping these things for my
vegetables.  In theory, filling a planter
shouldn’t be that big a deal, but they had all this “pack in moist soil” here,
here, and here,  “mix soil with dolomite
for top 2-3 inches”, “build mound and trench with moist soil for fertilizer
strip”.   I mean, shit.  My basic planting philosophy is this: have
dirt, will grow.  And most of the time
the plants grow!  I just don’t usually do
that much high tech mixing of chemicals.  (Who am I, my dad?)  Anyways, I thought I’d check these boxes
out.  I better get a lot of tomatoes.  (grumble grumble)

We got all the fertility results back.  Actually, got them a while ago.  My hormones are all normal and Keen has a
ridiculously high sperm count.  (Yeah,
he’s pretty pleased with himself.) 
However, we are taking a break from baby making.  Between getting
and the platelet
and everything else going on, I figure it would be better to wait a
month or two until everything calms down. Plus I just didn’t need the “wait
ifs” in the back of my head, you know? 
(Watch this is the month I get accidentally knocked up… while swimming
in fertilizer and touching germ-ridden birds.)

That’s it for now.  This
week I’ll work on less lazy (and let’s hope for less crazy).

           – the


P.S. SO happy David Cook won.  It’s not that I don’t like Archuleta or think
he isn’t an amazing talent… but the 16-year-old earnestness was wearing on