As some of you may know  I LOVE food!  However, me and cooking – not so strong a relationship there (nor am I inclined towards counseling, i.e. cooking classes – ugh!).  I AM a whiz when it comes to baked goods, but those are mainly desserts so the motivation is obvious.  Regular cooking… eh, both skill and creative flair fail rather spectacularly… plus, I just don’t want to.  Creatively getting out of cooking, that’s another story.  And since I now have another mouth to feed (a mouth entering that lovely, picky toddler stage) I’m really putting my creative slacker skills to good use.   

In that vein I present to you: the Easiest Baby Smoothie Recipe ever! (really!)

Take 1 baby yogurt (4 oz)

Take 1 – 2 jars of pureed baby food fruit (4 – 6oz)

Whole milk for thinning (1 – 2 oz)

In large glass mix together with a spoon – that’s right, NO need to haul out the blender or chop up fruit!

Pour into sippy cup with straw, serve

Seriously, that’s all there is to it – you mix the yogurt and the fruit to taste and you use the milk to thin it enough to get through a straw.  Pear and peach yogurt make great bases, but I imagine blueberry would be good, too.  So far I’ve mixed apricot and banana strawberry (alone or together) with yogurt to make smoothies.  I’ll probably dabble in a berry blend soon, and of course there’s always “mixed fruit”. 

Damn, it’s so easy (slacker effortless) I even impress myself. AND it’s frickin’ delicious!  Try not to eat too much yourself, though, ‘cause all that whole milk and baby yogurt goes right to your hips.

Mmmmm, smoothie.              – the weirdgirl