We’re having some trees trimmed and one removed from our backyard.  Yay!  Picture it… chainsaws, men in trees, backyard chaos.  I don’t know who was more excited to see them show up, me or the kiddo.  (OK, it was probably me.)  But still, all around entertaining for a kid (which is great ’cause it’s not like I’m whisking him away on a field trip while we have big chunks of trunk falling into ours and our neighbor’s backyard.  You know, liability issues). 

I thought Chance might be scared by the noise but as soon as I explained that we were having a tree taken down in the backyard his rather accusatory response was, "Yeah, they’re TOO tall!"  ?!  OK then.

Between the two trees we’re having trimmed and the one taken down there has been A LOT of debris.  (Oh, and if you’ll all excuse me a mini rant here… who the hell plants two (huge) avocado trees, a pepper tree, and a privet in their backyard  as well as a myriad of other small trees – all of which drop shit like there is no tomorrow?!  I swear, we had thought the two sycamores in our old house could drop a lot of leaves, but at least that was once a year and they were pretty!  Every single tree in our backyard seems to produce a continuous stream of fruit, pollen, and leaves all year round.  Keen is out there sweeping every couple of days.  And you can’t even eat the fucking avocados.)

Anyway.  One load of many to be ground up.


Pulling out the big tools on the condemned tree.  Manly!


And the giant erection award goes to…


Ah, phallic jokes and landscaping.  Good times.         – wg