As part of Chance's homework he has to write a sentence for each of his weekly spelling words. This week he made his beloved stuffed animal, Catty, a central character, attempting to put her in a variety of amusing situations.  The next word was "kisses".

Chance:  "Hey Mom, listen to this one. 'Catty kisses balls.' Isn't that funny?"

Me:  "Oh honey…"

Chance, giggling: "Like tether balls and…"

Me: "That kind of sounds like Catty is kissing the other kind of balls. You know… like testicles."

Chance, looking aghast: "But that's not what I meant!!"

Me: "Yeah, but that's what it sounds like."

Chance stared at his paper then started erasing furiously.  "OK, I changed it. 'Catty kisses ME!'"

Me: "Very sweet, kiddo."

Because he knows what kind of girl Catty is.