I’m a dork.  Here we went on this trip and I’m thinking once we’re back I’ll have all this time to catch up on things at home… without realizing that we also had a fully booked weekend.  I had everything written down on my calendar, just like normal… but for some reason the reality just didn’t penetrate.  (I’m blaming jet lag.)  So how much did I get caught up on?  Not a whole lot.  (Especially blog reading, darn it.)  However I DID find the power cord to the camera, so here are a few pics from our trip. Oh, BTW, we went to Seattle and Poulsbo, WA.  Poulsbo is on Bainbridge Island so lots of ferry rides much to Chance’s delight.         – wg

Planes are cool.


My grandparent’s house, Keen and Chance chillin’ on the porch.  I want a porch someday.  (Hey Phoenix, this is the house where the "haunting" occurred.)


My grandpa and Chance. Notice the family ears?  I didn’t get any photos of Chance with his great-grandma because, one, we suck with cameras and are always forgetting them, and two, my granny has the same aversion to pictures that I do (it’s another family trait) so she didn’t volunteer for any.


Me (gasp!) and the kid on the ferry going into Seattle.


Dude… check it out!  It’s SO TRIPPY!


More planes.  "Seatbelts, schmeatbelts.  I’m going home anyway."