I’m having such a surreal moment watching the political results crawl in, hearing about ballot shortages, and extended poll hours.  Holding out hope.  This is huge.  But, as with many groundbreaking things, "huge" gets muted by all the day to day bustle… sick kid, broken car, fuzzy head… until you’re sitting in front of the tube in stinky sweats, watching potential history unfold and realize you’re a part of it. 

I don’t talk about politics much for a lot of reasons.  Mainly that I both have strong convictions and I am disenchanted.  And that Keen and I (and our families) are on opposite political spectrums*.  And because I have met some true, carreer politicos and… well… some of them are really really slimy (like, I was a little shocked, and I have been a fucking cynic from day one).  And, last but not least, I don’t usually talk politics because many people who do get bogged down into minutia that I consider to be big fucking roadblocks to getting anything actually done.   

(I am a problem-solver, see, and counter to what anyone will tell you that doesn’t work well with the political machine.) 

Anyway, I’m still caught up in the day-to-day fuzzies and there is no way I can stay up to watch how this plays out.  But I wish I could.  I wish excitement would beat down the fuzzies.  I wish I could feel like this is really history in the making… instead of the potential for history. 

Because until we actually elect someone other than a white male to the presidency I really won’t feel like it’s happened.

But I’m holding out hope.                   – the weirdgirl


* Though, strangely, Keen and I have very similar viewpoints on several issues.  One of which is the opinion that America is completely backward for not having elected a woman or person of color yet.  I mean, what year is this?