Sometimes I think my ears hurt when I'm doing something I'm not supposed to be doing. Like… scrolling social media instead of writing. I'll be plugging along looking up obscure authors to stalk and my ears will start aching. Or… I'll be playing a game on my phone instead of listening to a conversation. Or watching anime instead of cleaning. (Although in my defense, watching anime can be justified as studying story structure.) Things start off OK and then eventually my ear feels achy. And a little echo-y. Like someone's shouting into a canyon. 

Can you have inner ear Jiminy Cricket? Or maybe that's like the good angel that hangs out on your shoulder? Like it got stuck in there somehow? Mainly, it's my right ear, so I could totally see that happening*. I shrug that shoulder more and, I mean if an angel can dance on the head of a pin, it could get stuck in an ear, right? I know the devil is on the other side because he pulls my hair when I'm trying to meditate. So rude, dude. So rude.

Isn't there an old expression about this? Like burning ears, or if your nose twitches, or if the rabbit dies you shouldn't be doing stuff? I don't know. Old people believe in crazy shit.  

Anywho, I'm not sure how to solve the hurting ear problem. Suggestions? I mean, I could only do the crap I'm supposed to do… but that seems highly unrealistic. And disagreeable. I guess they gotta hurt. Sorry jiminy angel. 

Now I'm going to go listen to punk music instead of folding my laundry. 

       - wg


*I swear, I clean my ears. It's not like a wax swamp in there or anything.