The end of another successful visit with the relatives. (Successful meaning I survived without getting really annoyed at anyone.)  I kid. (sorta)  It was nice.  But I know I’m tired because I tried to wrestle the foil off a chocolate egg and it took me a couple of MINUTES!  I mean, this aint brain surgery.  Once upon a time I could husk a Hershey kiss in the 1 ½ seconds it took to pick it up off the table and raise it to my mouth.  No one ever mentions the small ways we feel our age, do they?

I’m really looking forward to the years when the kiddo will get excited about meeting the Easter bunny or Santa, when he chooses his own costume for Halloween, when he sets up an ambush for the Tooth Fairy.  (What?  Admit it, of all the made-up holiday figures when you’re a kid the Tooth Fairy is the ONE character where you’re not too worried about getting on her wrong side.  Presents and candy versus a quarter for your tooth?  Psssh!  I think most kids will risk the quarter on the off chance they could catch a real fairy. Think of the street cred!)  There is something about watching young children still immersed in the wonder of the holidays… so much fun.  It’s the experience of it that’s a gift, more than the gifts of chocolate or presents.  You know, it’s that wonder and magic (both religious and not) that we parents really give them.  (And give ourselves.) 

Ah, I’m getting all sappy.  Chance isn’t at that point yet, but I bet it’ll start next year.  Until then… I get ALL his chocolate!  Bwa ha ha!  (It’s really been an evil laugh sort of week.)

On a completely different note I’m hoping some of you might help me.  Keen took a video on our digital camera that is now sideways when I downloaded it to my computer. Can anyone recommend a good video editing program (preferably cheap or free)?  All I really need is something basic that will let me rotate the frames.  Oh, and being able to add sound would be cool too.  Any suggestions?           – the weirdgirl

P.S. Additions made to both the Happy Preggers Day post below and The Things They Don’t Tell You in Lamaze.