Keen is hovering around 70 pounds of weight lost!  He's officially "stopped" dieting but he's totally addicted to working out now so I don't think the teeny tiny additional amount of food he's let back into his diet (which includes indulging in chips at Shark's games) is making an iota of difference.  He is a thorough convert to the church of healthy living. 

I, however, have gained five pounds since he started dieting.


Let's review.  (Since I promised to share some of his meal tips and have, of course, slacked.)

Keen's breakfast:  (dun dun DAH!)

vanilla soy milk with high fiber cheerios    -or-

high fiber yogurt mixed with multi-grain oatmeal

plus 2 fiber pills

(Because fiber fills you up so you don't feel as hungry.)

My breakfast (as of this morning):

cheese stick, lemon cookie, and grande chai latte with all milk

Hmmm, I wonder what the problem is?

            – the weirdgirl