It’s been a long, satisfyingly lazy day. Keen, Chance and I have done nothing
today. NOTHING! And it feels sooooo good. We watched a lot of TV, played a lot of
games, and ate unhealthy food. I even
had a chance to stick my bare legs in the sun and hope they would crisp up to
the same brown as my arms. Work in
progress, that one. (Damn. Twist my arm,
why don’t you?)

It doesn’t feel like summer until you can get a nice, slack
day.  Remember riding your bike through a
field in the hot sun while trying not to drop your popsicle? Yeah, it’s like that.

In other news, our house has sold! It should close this week. I would have mentioned it sooner but you
know, that whole jinxed thing. We met
the buyer and he’s a totally nice guy who (I think) loves the house as much as
we did. It’s easier to not be nostalgic
when you know someone isn’t going to come in and level the place to build some
monster cookie-cutter house on the lot, leaving a postage sized yard and no
charm. That trend has been taking out a
lot of older homes around here. 

I’ve also enrolled Chance in a preschool program. He starts mid-July for two days a week. I’m pretty excited but I know I’m going to
freak out a bit as we get closer to his start date. This probably deserves a whole post (or two
or three) by itself.  He is only two.  And he’s never been left with people he
doesn’t know before. But he IS really
excited every time we go to visit. (OK,
I’m going to stop now before my popsicle buzz wears off.)

Keen and I are also
(there have been a lot of “also’s” lately) talking time-lines for baby number
two. I’m not going to go into details
just yet (and I hope Keen doesn’t mind that I’m sharing with you all) but be

All in all I can’t complain. We’re moved in. We’ve got to see
more of our friends lately than has happened in quite some time (love you
guys!).  My brain is a little lazy right
now too, but… summer has started.

Time to stock up on popsicles.   – wg