You know the whole problem with going to a blogging convention is that by the end of it
you don’t even want to hear the word “blog” anymore. Or is that just me? Don’t get me wrong… I met some fantastic people and heard some really
inspiring ideas/stories, but after the 50th time saying, “hi, I’m
so-and-so, what’s your blog?” and going to session after session of “blog,
blog, blog”… yeah, burn-out set in.

The other problem with going to something that is
essentially a 700+ large social event is that you have a lot of highs and
lows. There are periods of great
conversations with cool people, and there are periods where you stand around
feeling vaguely awkward and/or bored. Or
just too damn tired to think much. I’m not
trying to be mean or snarky about the event (which overall was very
well-done!), I’m just saying what I bet a lot of other attendees felt, too. By the time I got to the cocktail parties at
the end of each day I was at a point where I either wanted to get drunk with a
few people or just veg out with a good dinner and some mindless TV.  I was tired of standing around or sitting in
uncomfortable chairs and that’s all there was to it.

(Note to Blogher – an hour break (at least) between the last
session of the day and the cocktail party would have been really, really nice – if only to drop off the
multiple bags of swag.)

On an up note, I did somehow drop three pounds by eating
hors de oeuvres, bagels, and free wine all weekend.  Who woulda thought?!

So anyways, if anyone has specific questions about Blogher
I’d be happy to answer them. I have a
few ideas I brought back I want to discuss… but not right now. Now is the time for lazy naps, cuddling with
the kiddo, and catching up with my tried and true favorite bloggers. Oh, and visiting about a gazillion new ones.

Two things at home so far that have renewed my energy?

  1. Chance, after multiple hugs and cuddles, repeatedly putting on my heels and clomping around the house. That’s how much he missed me. (And he can navigate in those shoes better than my mother-in-law.)
  2. While getting him dressed and about to change a very full diaper Chance jumped up, wiggled so that his diaper slipped down like the sodden package it was, then ran around the room laughing at his wobbling, extra-large codpiece.

God, I love this kid.                 – wg