You know what I love?  Going to the doctor for, say… oh anything, and getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

What are your symptoms?  Oh, you say you're tired?  OK, Trampy McTramp, here's your bloodwork slip and try not to touch anything on the way out. 

So a big life change that has just happened is… (drum roll)… I've left my job.  I really liked the people I worked with and I hope to work with them again in the future.  But the job was fairly demanding and I felt like I was being pulled in way too many directions and doing none of them well.  The stress/time management issues were outweighing the moolah, especially considering after such a big chunk went to self-employment taxes. 

Not only have I left my job but we made the decision that I would take some time off for a while, too. Time to concentrate on family and other things, writing being one of them. 

This is kind of huge for me because I've never not worked.  (Well, except for when I was pregnant and was so ill I actually had to quit a job that I had just gotten.  That still bugs me.)  I've worked part-time for the last few years, but even then it was always work part-time AND go to school, work at night AND raise a kid.  Before I had Chance I was working start-up hours and at times, held two jobs.

I admit to floundering around a bit those first few days after the work stopped. Didn't know what to do with myself.

(And who am I kidding? I'll probably still end up taking side projects. Type A is an addiction.)

Anyway, I figured maybe I would start to feel a little less tired what with my new lifestyle of bon-bons and leisurely pursuits.  Right?  Nope, still totally tired.  I had my visit with the rheumatologist this week, checking on arthritis and general decrepitude.  There could be some type of arthritis starting, it could be fibromyalgia… oh, and it could also be hepa-fricking-titus b, you dirty little girl. 

OK. Without revealing too many intimate details, my sex life has been WAY less interesting than warrants the number of STD tests I've been given.

Stubbed your toe?  Let's give you a gonorrhea test.  Sore throat.  Let's HIV that sucker. 

The only explanation I can think of is that elves must have tattooed "slutty" across my forehead as I slept.

And I know the doctors are trying to be nice but it doesn't make things any easier when they (always!) try to gently explain, "You know sometimes things happen with just that ONE night…"

Yeah, haven't had any one-nighters.


                 – the weird "no risk factors" girl

P.S. No offense to any Hep-B positive people out there.  I know it's not always about sex or needles.