Poor Chance has been waking up with his eyes completely swollen on and off for over a week now.  The first day it happened I thought it was an allergy, because that happened another time after he'd been rolling in the grass at soccer practice.  He looked like a raccoon and was completely embarrassed about going to school.  (And my kid is never embarrassed so that is a feat.)  It cleared up but then a couple of days later it was back. Then his eyes started getting gummy and I thought it might be pink eye (and another kid at school had it), but this time the swelling wasn't quite as bad.  This whole affliction has been up and down, gone then back.  At the doctor we come to find out his symptons are completely overlapping.  It could be pink eye OR it could be allergies or it could be both!  So we start double-treating.  

I have washed all his bedding.  I stuck all his stuffed animals in the "allergiene" steam cycle of the washer.  I spent three hours tearing apart his room today just generally cleaning.  The thing that has me worried is we just bought him a new mattress and this started three days after we got it. Tonight, just in case, he's sleeping on the couch.  I'd almost rather it be an allergy to something in the mattress than general grass allergies because at least I can take the mattress back.  It is no fun waking up with itchy, red, raccoon eyes.  I have allergies but not in the eyes like this.  Or maybe, this is gonna sound sick but that's where you go when your kid is suffering, it IS pink eye and the medicine will help soon. (It just feels wrong to hope my son has an infection.)  I was using up some old medicine, not expired just old (with the doctor's knowledge), and the doc and I decided today to use the brand spanking new medicine instead.  Just in case.

The worst part is he only has three days of school left and he had to miss today because we went back to the doctor.  He was pretty bummed about that. šŸ™

Anyone else ever deal with this?

                 – the weirdgirl