“Father Bear… we need to talk.”

“What is it Mother Bear?”

“I don’t think… you’ve been honest with me.”

“Oh…”  Moment of silence.  Little Bear
Little Bear!  Now, you run on out of here
and let Mother Bear and I talk.”  Pause as Little Bear runs out to the yard.  “What seems to be on your mind, Mother Bear?”

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a long… I’ve been so…”
Mother Bear takes a deep breath.  “Is there someone else?”

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, you did.  Is
there someone else?”

“Mother Bear, you know you’re the only furry in my
life!  Why are you suddenly asking all
these questions?”


“Don’t I take care of you and Little Bear?  Haven’t I given you a nice home and nice


“Don’t you trust me? 
Don’t you love me?”

“Yes, but… I want to know what you’ve been doing!  You get phone calls in the middle of the
night. You leave and you’re gone for days!”

“Mother Bear, you know I’m a fisherman. I go when the fish
are biting.”

“You’re wearing a suit! 
What kind of fisherman wears a suit?!”

“I change before I come home!  You don’t want me to stink up the house, do

“That’s another thing! You NEVER smell like fish!”

Father Bear losing patience.
“Of all the ridiculous muthafu…”

“And that briefcase!  That case you carry
around with you all the time!”

Father Bear goes

“What’s in the briefcase, Father Bear?”

“Now be cool, woman…”

“I’m tired of being cool! 
What’s in it?!”

“My boss’ dirty laundry.”

Mother Bear going
  “Don’t you make up no shit
jobs!  I’m tired of your lies!  Open it up!”

“Afraid I can’t do that, Mother Bear.”


“You heard me.”

“You open up that case or it’s gonna be the last of us!

Father Bear places the
briefcase on the table and opens it.

Mother Bear stares.  “Is… is that what I think it is?”


“It’s beautiful.”

Father Bear slams the
lid shut.  Mother Bear jumps.  They stare at one another until Father Bear
breaks the silence.

“I’m afraid I can’t give you the case.  It don’t belong to me.” 

Mother Bear continues
to stare at him.

“Now I want you to find my wallet.”

Mother Bear takes his
wallet off the bookshelf.

“How much is in there?”

“About fifteen hundred dollars.”

“It’s yours. 
That's a pretty little score, isn't it?  Everything in my wallet is always yours, Mother Bear.  Just as it’s been since the beginning.  I don’t see no goddamn reason to change now…”
long pause

“…I don’t see any goddamn reason for more questions either.”

Mother Bear, quietly,
“I knew you weren’t a fisherman.”

Little Bear runs into the house.  “Mother
Bear! Mother Bear!  Can we have some
lemonade for a lemonade stand?”

“Why, that’s an excellent idea Little Bear!”  Father
Bear claps him on the shoulder.

Mother Bear walks into
the kitchen.