If any of you were wondering what living with a sensory-seeking SPD kid is like, it's kind of like this…


Followed by launching himself into the couch, over and over.  (I've heard that there are little boys who don't do things like this, but I've never personally met any.  Me and my brothers used to do this type of stuff all the time.  Geez, runs in the family much?)

Actually, that balancing right there?  That's something of a breakthrough.  For a long time Chance's balance wasn't very good.  It's part of the SPD (dyspraxia/postural instability).  Fortunately, he didn't (doesn't) have as much of the fear as a lot of kids with sensory-related balance issues do, so he'd still try things, most of the time.  Sometimes not. 

Nowadays, there's a lot more trying.

He still trips and falls down a bunch, but I think some of the time he's doing it on purpose. He REALLY likes to roll around on the floor.

You can imagine my angst when he does it in a public bathroom… at the doctor's office… during flu season.

So on the one hand, super proud of my burgeoning gymnast!  

On the other hand… he's got pink eye again.

             – the weirdgirl