So I didn’t mean to take the entire week off from
blogging. First, as part of the seasonal
post-holiday tradition, I was beset with utter exhaustion after the last gift
was unwrapped. I think it’s fair to say
that Keen, Chance, and I did a fair imitation of the banana slug in its natural
habitat the Tuesday after Christmas (what? banana slugs don’t zone out in front
of the TV all day, sliming up the couch, and eating too much damn holiday
chocolate? hmmm). Then I was beset with laziness. Lazy lazy lazy. After all I went
from having the bajillion list of to do’s to, suddenly, NO to do’s! (And no gnews is good gnews.) OK, I still have one to do… I’ve got to
finish up that paper for school. BUT you
can understand why I was overcome by the sheer, lazy joy of it all, right? So, laziness sucked up most of the week. 

Plus I couldn’t think of anything to write.

By the time I felt guilty enough motivated to write
something… I lost internet connection. For
the last couple of days. Yes, part of
the delay was me being (again!) lazy about resetting my modem but most of it
was some glitch or other locally on the ISP’s end.  Not that the service rep would admit to that
for the majority of the call when I called in to see if the problem was
fixed. He finally admitted that there
was a local problem when I mentioned it being
on the news


I have a theory that there’s a policy that doesn’t allow
these help service people to hang up first at the end of a call. I think they have to wait until the customer hangs up first. You know, as
part of their good customer service or whatever. I don’t think they’re allowed to say “bye”
either. More than once I’ve gotten
caught in the “sign-off cycle”… 

Help Rep: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Me: “No, that’ll do it. Thanks so much.” I prepare to
hang up…
Help Rep: “You have a good day now.”
Me: “Oh, uh, you
Help Rep: “Thanks for
calling Global Dialess.”
Me: “Yeah, thanks
again. Bye!”
Help Rep: “You have a
good day.”
Me: “You too.”
Me: “OK, then…”
Help Rep: “Thanks for calling Global Dialess.”
Me: “Thank y… OK, you hang up first.”
Help Rep: “No, YOU hang up!”
Me: “Noooo, you hang up!”
Help Rep: “No, you!”
Me: “OK, we BOTH hang up on the count of three…. 1, 2, 3!”

Junior High, anyone? 

(Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything to write today either.)

Happy New Year everyone!

 – the