So the kiddo got a summer cold this weekend.  I missed going to the drag races, but at least Keen got to go.  (He told me, enthusiastically, that he got to stand next to Ashley Force.  I think he might have a little crush.)  I didn’t get much done this weekend besides going to the doctor and being an extension of Chance’s blankie/comfort object.  Chance’s cold turned into wheezing at one point.  He’s totally fine, but damn this "sick kid" thing is never easy, is it?  Fortunately, by that point Keen was home.  In Chance’s mind Mom and Dad separately are great… Mom and Dad together, especially when he doesn’t feel good, is freaking fantastic! 

But now I feel like the cold is starting to invade my head as well!  Argh!  I’ll be back soon.  After all, who else can I talk to about "Who Wants to Be a Superhero" than with you fine folks? 

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