I’m in Chicago now at Blogher.  This week has been tiring.  Not Blogher, per se, just this week, and my blogging (or lack there of) has sucked.  This is really just my excuse a note to tell you all I haven’t forgotten you, especially those who have emailed.

Tuesday was the first day I went back into the office.  A funny thing happened… I had an uninterrupted period of time to concentrate on the work in front of me. No phone calls, no diaper changes, no food prep, no stops for juice or DVD changes – a complete span of productive work… and I was utterly exhausted at the end of the day.  And I was pretty much exhausted through Wednesday.  I mean, WTF?  Isn’t this supposed to be the upside to going to an office?  Get your work done in a timely manner?   

Then I traveled all Thursday, with the usual delays and hideous seating.  You can see how this lends to me being incoherent and uncreative, right?  (Although, I am almost finished with the last Harry Potter.)

So, be back soon. Hopefully with pictures or an attempt at being witty.  Take care!

         – the weirdgirl