Would anyone happen to know where I could find a power strip cover or cable organizing box for a double wide power strip/surge stopper?  Right now I’m using a shoe box that I cut holes in to.  I can’t believe they don’t have something like this… wouldn’t it be an obvious need?  If anyone could throw me a clue where to look (I’ve already scoped out Radio Shack, Harriet Carter, the Container Store, Solutions, and various baby safety sites) I will love you forever.  This is my plea to all of the more experienced parents out there.         

And if there aren’t any at all… well… FINE! Stupid consumer market. Be that way!  Maybe I’ll just INVENT IT and make a ton of money saving babies (and cats) everywhere from chewing on electrical cords!!  How is it that you can buy a cheesy christmas-tree-themed cover for your single wide power strip but they don’t have options for various power strip sizes to babyproof your house?!  Argh!      

Sorry… I’m frustrated… my childproofing/shopping venture is being thwarted, is all.  We already can’t find a baby gate that fits our archway (seven feet) without mounting brackets.  (But that’s a whole ‘nother bitchfest.)          – wg