Chance is going through a baby talk phase right now that is driving me absolutely bonkers.  I've never been a fan of baby talk in general.  I don't think it's endearing.  You know those young women who do it because they think it makes them look cute?  I think those women are tools.  (I mean, if you're gonna do that, do it in private! You know what I'm talking about.)  Besides the fact that it grates my nerves it also makes Chance really hard to understand.  I mean, he is still at the age where he mixes up his 'r's and 'w's and then he throws baby talk into the mix.  I think he picked it up from playing house with the girls at school.  Someone always has to be the baby, see.  Either that or there's a girl he likes who is doing it and she probably looks adorable when she does it (although I bet she's driving her parents nuts, too) and he thought, "Aww, she's SO cute!  I think I like her even more and I should do stuff for her and then maybe she'll be my girlfriend. And… huh, I wonder if I can get in on that action?!"  Then he tries the baby talk to see if HE can get stuff out of it.  See, there are problems when you have a boy who already likes girls from an early age.  They pick up stuff!  Stuff I am not prepared to deal with just yet.  Like when he wanted to tell me a secret and the secret turned out to be that he "really likes boobs."

I have a headache.