I woke up very tired and slow this morning.  My own fault because I felt compelled to stay up finishing a new Patricia Briggs novel.  It’s always so hard to put a book down when you only have 30 or 40 pages (or 50 or 60) more to go.  Plus, the werewolves were about to attack… I mean, come on, I can’t go to sleep in the middle of that.  So late night, but this morning is getting better.  I’m starting to wake up, and it only took two and half hours.  Oh, lovely caffeine.  I love me some hot tea in the morning. (so soothing)

OK, so now that I’ve managed to find my brain, here’s my list of upcoming to-dos*.  This is a rolling and constantly updated list.  sigh

Organize Chance’s baptism – Easter is just around the corner and I haven’t even started.  Hopefully my mom’s numerous church contacts can help me out.

Re-do website / get a logo – I’ve been wanting to get a new banner up for a while.  And I’ve actually got a new template pretty close to done, but the combination of working in marketing and being anal won’t let me roll out elements until I’ve got the whole thing together.  I’m also MUCH to used to working with graphic designers and so, I’m picky. It’s a curse.  But look for exciting changes in the future! 

Contact school advisor / reapply to MA program – don’t get me started on this whole fiasco.

Shop for another round of birthday gifts – I swear I just got the March kids done and now I have to work on April/May.  Is it just me or does everyone get born in spring?   Eh.  I’m just bitchin’ because I have to ship things with this round.  Blech

Organize Ladies Tea Party – Yay!  I hold a tea party for all my gal friends every two years.  I know it sounds impossibly girly** but that’s part of the fun.  Plus, it’s a no guy event so we all sit around, and eat too much, and talk about inappropriate things – it’s very Steinbeckian dress shop in that sense. AND I really really like getting to play with paper goods, i.e. invitations!  hee hee  (Keen says I have an office supply fetish.)

OK, that’s it for now. Sorry to bore you all to tears with the “list disguised as a post” but that’s all my brain is up to today.  (need more caffeine)  Sadly, this is only the medium project list.  If you saw the everyday minutiae list and the big project list, well… let’s not go there.              – the weirdgirl

*You know how some moms dream of an entirely clean and empty house, or a tropical vacation?  Yeah, I dream of boredom.  A whole week with no to-dos on my list.  Nothing to do but read and/or catch up on Tivo (my backlog right now is HUGE).  A week of boredom can recharge me for new projects like nobody’s business.  Right now, man, I’m tired!  Where’s my teacup?

**I probably sound very girly on my blog in general, but I actually think I’m about ½ guy, ½ girl (and not in a hermaphrodite kind of way… jeez, you people).  For example, I like hockey games, classic car shows, and fixing things with my hands.  All of these things I can enjoy and discuss with Keen.  However, I really only have a couple of girlfriends who I can talk to about shoes.  So all of that pent up girly talk spills out here, unfortunately for all of you.