This is our library/music room.  We recently moved this nice, wool rug to this room and had the components of not one but two drum kits sitting on it.  Because rugs are good for drum kits.  It prevents them from sliding all over the room while you hit them.    

Moth attack 004 edited

These are the fucking clothes moths.

Moth attack 004 edited

…that decided the rug would be a tasty snack.

Moth attack 004 edited

I admit, the library/music room is a side room; it is not visited regularly, especially during the summer because we don't have any air conditioning and it is fucking hot upstairs.  But since I had a brand new drum kit I was setting up, and time to practice with Chance in school, I was popping in and out more often.

I HAD noticed one or two moths flittering around the house but I thought they were flour moths (easily remedied because everything flour-like was in plastic containers) or moths from outside, because we are in the final heat wave of indian Summer where the bugs know that Fall is truly about to start so they start hightailing their thoraxed fannies inside the house.

Obviously, the moths found a fucking smorgasbord in the rug.

More damage. I can't even show you how many holes were in the poor victim.

Moth attack 001

I eradicated the little bastards (after carrying drum sets up and down the stairs in record heat!), but a few always escape.  The only other place in the house where wool or silk exist is in my clothes closet! 
Obviously, this means war.