Last weekend ended on a good high note.  Then people went a little crazy this week.  I don't want to talk about it because I'm not feeding any flames and I'm rather sick of it (I mean, I do want to talk about it but I'm sure that will bite me in the ass), but suffice it to say it involved the school parent volunteer program.  And you know when anything involves school, things tend to get ugly.  (And volunteerism in general is always a hotbed of dissension.)  Nothing was done to me personally but it was ongoing and in the vicinity.  You know how it is when you're watching other people's drama? After a while it just all gets irritating.

Things change. I understand that people are upset but it's not the end of the world.

Speaking of which, I hear that's happening around 6:00ish tomorrow.  It's always good to be specific about these things.  Prince is in concert locally so people are gonna be extra pissed around here!  It's probably not a good idea to meet the rapture mad but it is Prince.  Going on this new information, I think maybe there's been too much emphasis on school.  I think we should go back to basics, like banging rocks together and building fires. Of course, deep interpretation of significant texts will still be needed.  Did you know that when you read Revolution (as in, Prince and the) backwards it says, "No! Y tu, lover?"  OK, I changed the "i" to a "y" (because around here Spanish and English are pretty interchangeable) but it is SO burning of Rome!  Kind of scary given tomorrow night.  Obviously, Prince knows something.