So last night we saw Van Halen. Not a bad way to kick off potential
unemployment, eh? And those guys really
rocked out! The sound was a little off
from where we were sitting – angled off to one side, high up – but, again, the
rocking! Alex Van Halen’s drumming
blows me away. I’m having difficulty
even learning 16th notes and he’s doing that with one hand. And the other hand is doing, like, 64ths. I mean, fuck!

With his hair cut short, bleached out on top, big dark
sideburns on the bottom, and a jacket with lots of swirly sequins, David Lee
Roth looked very, very rockabilly. I was
surprised but I still dug it. He is
STILL doing those high kicks! I can’t
even do those.  (Do you know, I was one when their band formed? I just thought I’d mention that to date
myself. And them.)

To be honest, I wasn’t initially too psyched to go. NOT because I wouldn’t want to see them in
concert! Because I would; even though I
was more into alternative and Keen was more the rocker I still like Van Halen
(especially their less-pop-sounding stuff – what can I say, I’m not a big fan
of “Jump”).  But because we were looking
at a couple of nighttime events in a row that we needed to attend and I wasn’t looking forward to the aftershocks…
kid cranky from being left for multiple bedtimes, me tired, keeping the house
clean for the babysitters (i.e. Grandma), etc. etc.  And let’s face it, extra events during the
holidays can just be a little tough.

I am really glad I went, though. I just like watching amazing musicians
perform, regardless of genre. (OK, maybe
not Country.) Keen, of course, was super
super psyched!

Rock on, hubby man! – wg

P.S. If anyone has wondered why I haven’t been blogging, it’s
not because I’m so busy with the season (like all the normal people), it’s
because I’ve been sleeping. Every time I’ve
had time to blog, I’ve taken a nap.  How
old and lame is that?