So yesterday was my blog anniversary – three years and 504
posts!  On the one hand, it really blows
me away; three years is a long
time.  I hadn’t really started this blog
with any type of plan or timeframe in mind, but if someone had asked me if I’d
still be writing it three years from the time I started I can’t imagine I would
have said “yes”. 

I truly feel like I’ve found a great community through
blogging; through their words I’ve been introduced to wonderful people whose
lives and thoughts have touched my heart. 
I also feel like I’ve made true friends. 
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everyone who stops by to listen
to me blather.  And let’s face it, I do a
lot of blathering. 

*sniff*  I love you
guys!  (I’ll try really hard not to drunk
dial anyone.)

On the other hand, as I mark this anniversary, I look at
three years and 500+ pages and feel like a total slacker!  I mean holy crap!  That could be a novel!  What kind of English major am I?  For shame, ye who has revered Shakespeare and
made a pledge (to myself) to join the ranks of the published (even if it’s just
as a minor pulp fiction writer and not anywhere near the league of
Shakespeare).  (Oh crap, now Shakespeare
will think I’m a stalker… I swear, I
won’t lurk around the corners of heavenly bookstores, staring at you with crazy
goo-goo eyes! (You know, on the chance that you do signings, Mr. Bard
Sir.))  For shame!

Oh, and the reason I didn’t post this yesterday is I was
busy fucking around instead of writing. 

But that can’t be
an issue.  

Big hugs to everyone! 
      – the weirdgirl