Boy, am I pooped.  It seems like you just get everything on your list done when a few more things creep in.  Oh, well.

Keen and I are starting to get really excited about Christmas, because of it being Chance’s first and all.  I know the grandparents have visions of him gleefully tearing open gifts and reveling in the joy of the season.  All the other relatives want to take pictures and see him in a Santa hat.  Me and Keen both want to see his reaction to his presents on Christmas morning  and all the festivities.  I know.  I know.  It’s all for us adults.  After all the trips to the mall we’ve already dragged him to, and all the family and friends visits he will be doing, in the end he’ll be happiest cruising around the house in his own space, maybe crinkling up some tissue paper as he chases the cats.  And maybe that’s the part we’re really looking forward to… when all is said in done, nothing beats relaxing in your own house with your kid; reading him a book, playing with a new toy, watching him have the most fun just being with his parents.  It’s all about those great spontaneous hugs around the necks Chance throws us just to let us know he cares.  Kids are so good at that. Damn, do they get this holiday season or what?

Warning: I may get even SAPPIER as the week goes on.             – the weirdgirl