Hi all.  I’m back… from our first vacation with a toddler on a plane. Traveling was… OhhhKay.  Chance was fine on the way up; beautiful even.  Not-so-fine on the way back.  By the end of the trip, he was done with traveling.  Did I mention that the flight was super short?  Yeah, but he was still done with it.  And the Benadryl made him just sleepy enough to be extra cranky.  Oy.

But he DID love the ferry, the airport and planes (watching from the window), being on the go, seeing new things.  So that was good.  Visiting with family, also good.  He was quite the flirt.  Sleeping in an unknown place was probably the worst part for him; even with Keen or me there with him.  Especially the night he worked himself into a tizzy and threw up all over me*.  Oy again. 

In fact, here were the totals for the trip:

Two potty accidents (one on me*)

One vomit episode (again, on me – incidentally, we also learned he is not really chewing his food)

One tantrum in front of total strangers ON a plane (only cringingly embarrassing)

Three charmed relatives and countless “the kids turned out OK” brownie points for me and Keen

Two teacups and one fancy marble (purchased by me. What?)

Last night, asleep in our own beds was heaven.  Today I have been recharging and letting the little guy, again, reset.  Oh, also catching up on tivo’d “Project Runway” SEASON THREE!  Yay!!!  SO excited! More on that later** (‘cause I know you all want to hear me blathering on about fashion).  Tomorrow, catch up on everything else.

I also have pictures. And will post them as soon as I can find where the power cord to the camera was packed.  I know.  That doesn’t sound good, does it?  (Obviously, I’m still trying to unpack my brain.)

Missed you all! Hugs!          – the weirdgirl

*Do you know how many times Keen has been thrown up on in the course of parenthood?  NOT. ONCE!  Smeared with poop?  Never.  Peed on?  A couple of times.  That’s it.  I just needed to mention that.  I probably should save it for a nice ranting post about puke.  Maybe the next time I’m hit by a mouthful from a projectile shot. I think the inherent unfairness is obvious.  I mean, I also did give birth.  Excrement incidences will directly translate to days at the spa, right?

**OK, just one thing… did any of you notice that one of the chicks who auditioned for “Project Runway” ALSO auditioned for “So You Think You Can Dance”?  Oh yeah.  The one with the sweaty armpits who did the burlesque (in the words of Mary) “chased by bees” move?  Two words, baby: camera whore.