We’ve had a heat wave here the last few days. And so, I haven’t been blogging much. Or reading blogs, or working on the novel, or
doing much work work (as in paying)
either. Can you believe how hot a laptop
can get? It’s been hot here just breathing, let alone having a piece of
heat-generating machinery in your lap. (Wait…
why did that sound dirty?) I only really
notice it in the summer, though I have often wondered if I might not be frying
my ovaries. And you guys… geez, you’re
not even supposed to be wearing tighty whiteys… what’s that laptop doing to the

Hope you all had a great fourth! We took Chance to his second concert this
last Tuesday. This was part of the same festival
we hit last year
, an outdoor festival with a bunch of bands.  This year They Might Be Giants was
playing so I had to go! (Keen is not so much a fan but he humored me. He was a lot more into last year’s lineup
with Violent Femmes.)  They’re coming out
with a new album (that’s not children’s music! Well, it’s kind of hard to tell
the difference but you know what I mean.)  Fountains
of Wayne
also played. You may
remember their one hit wonder, Stacy’s Mom. Yeah, I don’t know anything else they do
either, but they were pretty good. We
only stayed for a couple hours out of the seven-hour festival but that’s the
beauty of hitting a local event that’s cheap and close by… perfect for

I think Chance is turning into a little rocker. He kept rushing the stage! It wasn’t super loud but there were adults up
there with earplugs and I had nothing
for my two-year-old.  (Bad mommy!)  I held him back but I’m pretty sure he would
have fought his way to the front lines if I let him. (I’m all for rights of passage but I didn’t want
him to get in a brawl for putting an elbow in somebody’s knee.) Then after the music had stopped he kept
dragging me up to the stage again, just to watch the roadies move equipment
around. Crazy kid. (What do you think? Drum lessons first?)

In lieu of a real video I found this with FOOLY COOLY! (score!) – wg