This one goes out to ALL the chocolate lovers out there!  Read this great post, chock full of scientific-y goodness, about the benefits of chocolate.  And not just any chocolate… not anti-oxidant-rich dark chocolate, not unprocessed raw cocoa beans…but MILK CHOCOLATE!  You know, that stuff they keep saying is bad?  That’s gonna make you fat and break out and GIRLY if you eat it?!?  Yeah! THAT’S good for your brain.

Phoenix, you rock man.  This justifies all those deep instincts I’ve been acting on at least once a day (at least) for years.  Not that I’ve ever really been ashamed of my big ol’ jar of chocolate treats. 

Now, armed with the latest in scientific research, I know I’m not going to be the only mom telling her kids…

"What?  You have a math test today?  Well then, don’t forget your pre-test chocolate bar.  And here, take some Hershey kisses for study hall."

Life is sweet.                – the weirdgirl