I am hip deep in term paper research and really starting to feel the stress.  I may be incommunicado for a little while (though I’ll probably finish up the Lamaze list tomorrow night).  Chance is sick again and I’m starting to strongly rethink school + work + raising a kid.  (I suppose I should put blog in there too somewhere, eh?)  It’s so hard to get everything (or anything) done when you need to stop for life every five seconds.  At least the last book for this class, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (which I totally recommend!), wasn’t quite so depressing as the other books from this class. (Though, yes, it was still sad.)

You know I’ve read a few blogs out there where the authors are going through some rough patches… and I get it.  I totally do.  Because life Just Does Not Stop!  There is always something happening. It’s hard enough, without depression added on top of everything.  Even if I haven’t commented to offer my sympathies, please know you have them.

I’m not depressed, but I’ve felt emotionally assaulted at regular intervals over the last few months. And lately I’m just getting very cranky.  It’s hard to do research when you’re cranky.  Some of the literary criticism I have to read is a bit too smug, takes itself a bit too seriously for my taste. But that’s part of the problem… I don’t tend to passionately believe in any of the political dogma (I’m too cynical for it); I’m only passionate about the art of writing itself, the process of expression.  And some of these critics really need to lighten up, man.  Have some freaking fun, for godsakes!

I think it comes down to that I would rather read and write creatively, than write academically.  Well, I could totally write a paper on "The Messianic Voice in Justin Robert’s ‘Willy Was A Whale‘: Coding the Means of Production in Children’s Music."   

But somehow, my paper proposals never seem to fly.              – the weirdgirl