I’ve been seeing a lot of hullabaloo over the stroller controversy, i.e. which ones are “in”, which are safest, most versatile, which is a statement and what that statement means, etc. and the debates that rage about each and every one of these points.  My reaction to these debates just go to prove how much of a nerd I really am.  I just… don’t… care.  I’m not “with it” concerning strollers and I have no plans to become “with it” in the future.  I don’t even have an opinion about people spending money on the more (or less) expensive units; it’s your money, blow it on what you want, just don’t run me off the sidewalk with what you bought.  I’m sure there are people out there who will take my disinterest in the debate as a sign that I’m a bad, “uninvolved” mom.  Well, here’s more of a shocker… this is a debate I wasn’t even aware existed until I started trolling the parental blogs.  I’m not surprised it exists, and I’m not disparaging anyone who is participating in the debate… it’s just not the kind of thing I get or follow.  Sort of like celebrity marriages and going-ons.  I don’t follow any of those either and I really can’t discuss them at any length at all.  I do follow fashion a bit, because I really like clothes and shoes.  However, if the newest trends in fashion don’t look fucking fabulous on my body personally, I aint buying ‘em.  I definitely don’t go for the “what everybody is buying” trend just because it’s what everybody is buying, regardless of what label/item/statement is hot at the moment.  I have to like it first.  I’m more interested in styles that look good (in my subjective opinion), are comfortable, and fit my life.  (yes, it’s a whole different kind of vanity) 

Obviously, I am doomed to be hopelessly out of step because I can’t muster the interest to learn what’s cool or not.  I recently asked in the comments section on someone else’s blog if I was a hipster and didn’t know it.  But… after thinking about it, I don’t think I am a hipster.  At heart, I’m pretty sure I’m a nerd.  A bad mommy nerd.

I think I’ll live.           – the weirdgirl