First of all, I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who has given me health tips, commiserating stories, or just encouragement on my whole hormonal issue.  Seriously, folks, I really appreciate it!  And you’ve given me some very viable alternatives to look at and some perspective.

On another note, my computer is having serious issues.  I need to do a complete wipe in the next couple of days and a system reinstall.  That will be call number eight to the help desk.  I’m at the point where I’ve gotten all my latest backups done (just have to do email right before) and I’m just waiting on the OS disk to be FedEx’ed (because of course the computer company didn’t include it when they shipped the laptop). If this reinstall doesn’t fix it, the help people have admitted that there is probably something wrong with the computer itself.  (You think?)  I would be really happy if this fixes everything, but every time I’ve called help desk the computer started crashing MORE frequently.  Sue me, I’m cynical.  (Especially after one of the help guys, while looking at my system remotely, said, "Wow, your system is cleaner than mine!"  Yeah, I KNOW!  I’ve only worked in tech for ten years.  I may not know system admin, but I know what not to load/download on a machine.  I can even run a virus check all by myself!)


OK, I’m fine now. So, I hope this reinstall will be smooth but if I disappear for a couple of days you know why.  I am TERRIBLY behind on my blog reading, but I have been thinking of all of you.  I haven’t meant to neglect everyone. My laptop just keeps crashing on me.   

Alieve anyone?               – the weirdgirl