After putzing around for months I finally, FINALLY, got a
button up for my store!  Yay!  (See
far right column.)  And it only took
several mistakes, one community guideline violation, and copious amounts of
help from my friend Winnie.  (Thank you,
Winnie!)  I felt bad about that because I
really do try to learn on my own
before harassing my technical friends.  I’ve
had the image done for months, I just don’t know code as well as I should (make
that at all) for someone who plays around on the web so much and works in tech.

It’s that knowing theory versus actually knowing how

I also managed to navigate cafepress’ Byzantine system to some
sort of minimal understanding.  That took
quite a while.  (For the record I do not
consider myself to be a dumb person, just highly critical of whether Help
documents are actually helpful or not. 
Especially as so many web services seem to not believe in providing Help
documents much anymore. What’s up with that?) 
 The store is still a work in
progress but I’m becoming happier with my poor neglected project.  In fact, I should be adding more designs very

Anyway, that’s what I been heads down doing the last few
days.  I’m just bragging because I am quite
pleased with my progress… I now know how to make a button!  Woo hoo! 
(I’m sure all my techy friends are breathing sighs of relief.)  And now I can move onto my next project…
making a button for my lovely
and their blog.  (Buy their cakes.)

           – wg

P.S. I’m not getting paid for this or any other plug, I was
just excited.  Though if my friends would
like to test out any new cake flavors I will be happy to be their guinea pig.  Thank you.