I’ve been really wanting to get to a milestone update, as well as post some recent pictures (he’s gotten so big!).  I’ve been feeling a strong need to capture the moment (I think I’m still recovering from the emergency room visit).  Since all the milestones are pretty arbitrary after one year (OK, 18 months is a milestone, but then you get nothing until the yearly birthdays), I just decided to go for the random moment in time.

Teeth – He now has 15 teeth.  All the front ones top and bottom, three molars, and all his canines. They always seem to break through in bunches, poor kid.  Not that you can tell by the way he acts.  Just look at that toothy mug.    Dsc01177_rotated

Walking – He’s up and all over the place, albeit a little like a drunken sailor. He actually took his first steps (seven in a row, to be exact, before he realized what he was doing and fell down) when he turned 13 months, but he spent forever in that half-walking, half-crawling stage that I felt funny saying he was “walking” when he was really just kinda groovin’ with the floor. Ya know?

Talking – Except for chattering in his own little language, the same mangled “kitty cat” he’s been saying for a while, and some “da da” and “momomom” (yeah, mine is all strung together while Keen gets the distinctive sound, the booger) that’s been about it.  Though I’m beginning to suspect that when he says “ja ja ja” and “isssss” he’s actually referring to our cats, Jake and Missy.  It’s all about the cats. 

Dsc01259 Mechanical aptitude/fascination – Scary.  I’ve heard of babies who are “not interested” in cords / switches / plugs… and damn, if that doesn’t sound like utopia.  As a household that has quite a few gadgets, I am constantly baby proofing!  We’ve sort of half-given up and just let him play with all the Playstation components now.  It’s keeps him away from the fan.


Ability to work it – Let’s just say he’s starting to utilize the puppy dog eyes and quivering lip to full advantage.  He must be practicing this (effectively) at grandma’s ‘cause it sure doesn’t work on me…   

THIS works much better!                     

                        – the weirdgirl