So a chunk of our ceiling fell in yesterday. Don’t worry, it’s a small chunk, about a foot square I figure.  But still.  Now we have a moldy, musty, gross-looking hole that is spewing out musty air and mold spores everywhere.  I’m not just being paranoid; my nose starting stuffing up immediately. 

The ironical bit is that we were actually scheduled to put in a new roof this week.  But the rain decided to come in and kick our asses first.  We have another whole section that had leaked a little bit previously in a small containable area, but now has grown into a large swatch of questionable-looking ceiling.  So it looks like a patch job for today and probably no new roof for a couple of weeks.  Blech. 

I thought about trying to come up with a crafty solution to the gaping hole, but I couldn’t think of much besides tacking up a garbage bag and maybe decorating with sequins.  Just to assuage my crafting sensibilities, you understand.

Well, I’m off to DEAL, as they say.  Need a new filter for the air purifier that’s gallantly fighting off the mold.  Just to share, here’s my current favorite quote:   

Ah well, she thought. Being dead is probably just like everything else in life: you pick some of it up as you go along, and you just make up the rest.   – from Anansi Boys, by Neil Gaiman

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